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“And the Satmar Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum has declared the event useless to his people because Satmar dont have computers.”

Isn’t the whole point in this Asifa that the gedolim are finally admitting that Internet (and definitely computers) are an unfortunate necessity and therefore they are no longer assuring them but rather teaching us how to use them properly. If that is the case then according to that quote above, the Satmar Rebbe is arguing with this view. And tell me, do Satmars really not use computers? Don’t any of them work? How do their schools keep records and accounting? I understand if a Rebbe wants to say that Internet is not necessary (and therefore should be avoided) for certain members of his group (bochurim, etc) but I can’t believe that an entire sect of Klal Yisroel has no computers, we aren’t Amish.

“Can they be purchased online… Is there a website?”

I can’t stand these dumb jokes that everybody seems to make. If the point of this event is to admit that the Internet is not totally assur than what better way to demonstrate this than by having a website for the event.