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FellowJew1234:I dont know y I thought I was probably the only SY that is registered on this site lol. You are right that being silent is the best way to handle this situation.

Honestly it is really hard to believe that this was posted. Why should someone care so much and pay attetion so much to other peoples lives that they should post a question on this website about this matter.

This is not the true yeshiva world in the YW by the true ben torah materialism should not matter. I am part of the sy community. I am religious and will do anything to be close with the ppl in the community who truly do things to strengthen their avodat Hashem, and there are many.

Driving expensive cars, living in big houses, and dressing with highlined clothing is what you may see on the outside but unfortunetly that is just another test, and our community obviosly struggles in this field but every community has there struggles…