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    How did the SY Jewish community obtain such a high degree of wealth? They are well known for their material riches. I’m sure there are all kinds of exceptions, and all levels on the socio-economic ladder within the community from rich to poor, but they are well reputed for good reasons (take a look at their mansions on Ocean Parkway and Deal, for example) of having a high proportion of great economic wealth.

    I guess Boro Park Yidden might also have a lot of wealth and mansions and all, but somehow it doesn’t seem to be on the same level.

    So my question is, how did they manage to obtain all this wealth? And however it was, G-d bless them for it and may the RBS”O help them remain wealthy forever in money, mitzvos and maasim tovim!


    By the way, most of them are broke. they are living on credit cards.

    The problem is ignored, and pushed under the carpet.

    They live far beyond their means.


    I cannot believe that comment from “achosid” made it through here.

    A chosid of who, I would ask.


    Wow, L”H much?!


    I remember hearing (a few times) that the syrians had a bracha for wealth because they always gave alot of their money to beautify the bais hamikdash.


    You cant buy a mansion on a credit card.


    I think there is a good chance this will lead to lashon harah, an ayin harah, or possibly jealousy. Mods, please close this thread.


    i am uphauled by the previous comment by achosid. unfortunately in every community there is materialism, i can tell you first hand that this community is a example of ahavas yisrael, kavod hatorah and kavod of torah scholars, achdus, there is tremendous outreach and chessed going on, on a daily basis. And their generosity is something we all should emulate. To imply that they are all drug users is almost comical to think someone could label a whole community this way– and you are certainly misinformed. This is a community of emunah, a community that values learning torah, a community of fine jews, it would behoove you to rethink speaking this way about an entire community, that is the real chillul Hashem. every community has problems, but for you to make the above comments, you are painting with a very wide brush… They are certainly all rich- in torah, mitzvot, chessed and the list goes on.. may HKBH continue to bless all of them with every good always.


    All I’m asking is HOW and WHERE did the wealth come from. Are they particularly prone to go into business for themselves, more than other frum folks, and thus created this wealth? Did they bring gold and diamonds when they moved from Syria to the U.S.? How did the attain it? (More than others.)


    There are rich and poor in any community. You are just noticing what you want to notice.

    It reminds me of the story, where after a wedding, a man says to the Rabbi, “Did you see how immodest some of those women were dressed?” The Rabbi responded, “How come I didn’t notice?”


    Forget the responses. The OP is out of line. This thread should have never gotten off the ground, let alone some of the responses.

    my opinion

    I once heard they were blessed with lots of wealth because they do a lot of chesed. The SYs are very into helping out the less fortunate ones in their community


    baruchderrin: I think you meant, “i am appalled.”


    i am a proud member of the syrian community and although i have a lot to say about the greatness of our community i wont say a word because silence is golden. everybody should stop looking in other peoples backyards and worry about themselves. Its talk like this thats definitely not bringing mashiach closer!


    Thank you mods.


    This topic is very disturbing on many levels.

    Please close it down at once


    Wholesale/Manufactering. Walk into any walmart/Target/Toys R US/ 25% of the stuff is made by Syrians. Thats the large % of the where the $$ comes from. As you can imagine, many families arent doing well in this recession…


    Wow. Could a thread be any more stereotypical this?


    There’s nothing wrong with stereotyping, so long it is accurate (and isn’t negative).


    FellowJew1234:I dont know y I thought I was probably the only SY that is registered on this site lol. You are right that being silent is the best way to handle this situation.

    Honestly it is really hard to believe that this was posted. Why should someone care so much and pay attetion so much to other peoples lives that they should post a question on this website about this matter.

    This is not the true yeshiva world in the YW by the true ben torah materialism should not matter. I am part of the sy community. I am religious and will do anything to be close with the ppl in the community who truly do things to strengthen their avodat Hashem, and there are many.

    Driving expensive cars, living in big houses, and dressing with highlined clothing is what you may see on the outside but unfortunetly that is just another test, and our community obviosly struggles in this field but every community has there struggles…



    In most cases, stereotyping can lead to Lashon Hara, even if its unintentional.


    You’re not the only SY here either. I can not believe such thread was even allowed. Lashon Hara big time!! Wealth is a test for anyone and not only for SY’s. If you drive in Boro Park there are big houses too, They just don’t stand out as much, because they are all on so close together.


    I dont understand why people think this is loshon harah and are automatically assuming that by asking how syrians are so rich, the poster is implying its a bad thing. Maybe hes just looking for financial advice. A lot of guilty consciences in here. Stop assuming that by him asking that question, hes labeling syrians as “bad people”.


    did you know that even talking about somebody and saying they are doing good things can lead to Lashon Hara as well, let’s say you are praising somebody for something good they had done, you might get someone to say, oh you think so and so is good, you want to know what they did? You just opened to door for L’H to be told. I was reading on FB, about someone praising someone for something good that a person has done, and guess what, someone else posted, something negative and said, they weren’t so great and they did something…. So like other posters said silence is golden, better to keep silent and that it!


    There are tons of rich sefardim, Ashkenazim, yekkes and chasidim as well,why single out the SY community? There are dozens and dozens of syrians that I know of that are struggling.

    Houses and fancy cars are not always an indicator of true wealth. How many families do you know that do not necessarily have a mansion or a high end car, but pay yeshiva tuition(even with scholarship),have a home or multi-bedroom apartment, go on at least one overnight vacation per year and help support a son/son in-law?

    While many of us (myself included) have monetary concerns, just be aware whoever you know that fits into the above category is pulling down a salary or has access to money (from relatives or Mazeldig investing) 3-4 times that of the average American family.

    A better way that this thread should have begun was to try to figure out a way why certain people might still have money in this economy.All reasons are applicable to every segment of our community and fall into any one or a combo of the following: Family money, Well paying profession, family business,smart person, socially successful (i.e. likeable and a lot of connections) and shrewd investor.

    Of course the number one reason is your Hishtadlus and continual Davening to Hashem who is in charge of all our Mazel.

    The slogan for the lotto is

    “Hey you never know”, but its so true with are Mazel as well. You never know what your Davening and Mitzvos might bring 🙂


    Mods, please close this thread.



    far east

    livelovelaugh- I dont think its the OP thats the problem here i think its some of the comments such as “their all living off credit cards” or “their all materialistic.” People shouldnt be so judgemental of anyone and certain comments are just stupid and dont belong here

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