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I definitely agree to what your saying and I think most guys do give up those outlets. We realize it comes from an immaturity to use such outlets. Yet I find it hard to hear a guy say he dropped everything and would never do it again. When someone posted that “old habits die hard” I find that to mean you don’t just have a 180 degree change of heart. I might have outgrown (spiritually/mentally) somethings but I won’t be able to say It was wrong and I wouldn’t do it again in another lifetime because at that time and age it’s what boys do.

I want to be clear that I’m talking about “normal healthy yeshiva boys” not doing anything that most of us haven’t done, and not things that are embarrassing to discuss between ourselves. It’s only for girls, who don’t know what a boys life is about, is it shocking to hear something’s that are the norm. Much has been said about how harsh the world can be for a bachur and I think that girls just have to be warned that it’s harder to be the angels they think/hope us to be, but we are always working on it.