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Hi MiddlePath.

Bullit? lol I rented that a while back just to see the car chase scene in there.

I definitely agree with even ANY 60’s muscle car over anything in “modern times” although I have to admit, I would take a Plymouth Prowler. Do you remember those?

In today’s cars, I usually battle the Camaro over the Challenger. These days I am perferring the Challenger because of it’s simpler lines. But then I switch back to the Camaro. lol

Those cars are really beautiful works of living art, in their own way.

Not to throw a monkey wrench into the convo, but in terms of motor vehicles, the larger Harley Davidson motorcycles are a work of art. I have gone to the showroom a few times and just sit back and have said to myself if metal machinery can be a work of art, the Harley Davidson motorcycle is just that.

Back to cars. The way they make these things look and handle when driving, is a miraculous accomplishment in the world of engineering. Quite amazing.