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So the Geneva Auto Show just began, and while there are a number of amazing cars worth noting, I just want to start off by acknowledging my possible favorite of the bunch: The new Gumpert Apollo Enraged. This car is truly staggering in every way: Power, looks, weight, and exclusivity. Only 3 will ever be made. 3! And while it is pretty much a spin off of the original Apollo with some modifications, that is a recipe worth keeping, because the original was insanely good. I especially like this car because it shows that German car makers aren’t always about precision engineering and no “wackiness”, because the Gumpert was born to be wacky.

The Enraged will have a V8 twin-turbo engine that develops 780 bhp and 920 Nm of torque. Supposedly, the aerodynamics of this car coupled with its downforce and speed make it able to be driven upside down on the roof of a tunnel at 150 miles per hour. Not that anyone has tried it yet.