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Mind reader -“So for all those that think they know it all let me give you a little background as to what is really going on.

yes lakewood does not have a shelter for them but they were offered a shelter in Toms River now the reason they dont want to stay there – and these are in the words of the homeless- is because in the shelters they need to follow rules and cant have drugs.”

Actually I think you need to know what’s really going on. There is no Public shelter anywhere in Ocean County for adults and this includes Toms River. Because of your post I actually did a search on the net and the HUD website only lists one single shelter in Ocean County for adults in Southern Ocean County (Waretown) which isn’t Gov. owned. The statement attributed above was because some guy asked s/o in tent city that was high on drugs and that’s what he answered.

The real answer is there is No Gov. shelter!

The local Gov. has tons of our money (property taxes) to send illegals here in Lakewood to public school, but they don’t have any money for a shelter. In spite of Yalmulkas on their heads the Lakewood Gov. doesn’t represent me or my views which are based on Torah.

Wake up & smell the coffee!