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That sounds like a hard situation — sorry to hear about it. Here are a couple ideas.

Rav Shalom Arush, in his recent book Garden of Gratitude, explains that we should thank Hashem for all the events in our lives, positive and negative, and pray at length to understand that everything is truly for the good and from Hashem and thus we have nothing to be angry or upset about. I highly recommend the sefer, which explains in depth why and how we should do this.

Rebbe Nachman, in one of his seforim (I think Sichos HaRan), also mentions the concept of “talking” to one’s body parts. If you have a heavy feeling in your heart, you can repeatedly “talk” to that region of your body, and ask Hashem to feel relaxed and at peace at that part of your body. Secular people commonly do relaxation exercises based on relaxing a certain part of the body. It may not always help for emotional things, but I think it could potentially help at least a little. Many chassidic and hashkafic sources talk about the life energy pulsating through our bodies, and it is easy to understand how this “energy” may get blocked or disturbed by physical or emotional causes and need to be cleared somehow.