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I don’t need to go into the politics of yarmulkes.

I know rabbis who learned under Rav Weiss haLivni who wear exclusively white shirts and black velvet size 8 yarmulkes, and I know those who have semicha from R’ Wozner in Monsey who wear kippot serugot.

As for me, I usually wear black suede or velvet, although occasionally, will wear a seruga. Also, if I daven in a black hat shul on Shabbos/Y”T or go to a Litvish or Hasidishe wedding or simcha, I will wear a hat in deference to the customs of these milieus. Tzitzit, I usually wear out, since this is more in line with the purpose of the mitzva, per the Mishna Berura, although those who tuck them in are acting properly, also.