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1) Does it have any mechanical/electronic components? Yes.

0) Is it used for recreational (vs. utilitarian) purposes? This question can’t really be answered. Either “Yes” or “No” would be misleading.

2) Is it bigger than a breadbox? Yes.

3) Do most people have it in their home? No.

4) Is it a building or some other object which people find themselves inside? (e.g. boat, plane, etc.) Yes.

5) can it hold 500+ people? Yes.

6) Is it designed to be mobile? Yes.

7) is it an airplane? No.

8) Is it a ship? Yes. (I’m not sure if continuing is within the spirit of how the game is played, but I’m looking for additional info.)

9) Is it a modern mode of conveyance (developed and/or put into use within the past 50-odd years)? No.