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some ideas – done some, others not

1) park for family ball game and picnic

2) liberty science center – drive there or take ferry from manhattan. cheaper if you’re a teacher with id or a pay stub

3) staten island ferry – park in staten island, walk around lower manhattan, take the ferry back

4) jewish childrens museum

5) i think they have the duck tours in new york now – it’s a kind of bus that drives straight into the water and becomes a boat. did it in boston. fun for kids.

6) aquarium/boardwalk at coney island

7) riis park

8) airport – watch the planes land and take off

9) family craft projects or puzzle time in home. you can also make your own board games.

10) observation deck at empire state building or at rockefeller center

11) lookout spots off the palisades parkway – you can hike over there as well.

and shindy – if you don’t have any of your own frum relatives, create some! adopt a bubby at a nursing home. a friend of mine did, and the relationship between her family and their “bubby” is most rewarding.