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See, I know it’s a key cuz when I stepped directly in front of the door, a huge cage shot out of the floor surrounding me from all sides. Then, from above dropped a giant flaming monkey. He stretched out his hand and growled “The key. now”. I prevailed upon him the circumstances of my dire quest, but alas, he had no mercy. I was finally rid of him only after spilling my entire mug of coffee over his hairy head. He sizzled and dissapeared. Then, a tiny ant came to my aid unbinding the cage and sending it back into the depths of the earth. I figured I can always find someone to forge me a copy of the key and quickly removed a spare can of playdough from an early adventure with my son this morning. But when I looked to make a soft impression of the keyhole, it was nowhere to be found! So now I am without a key or a keyhole. I learned that I can get rid of monsters with coffee.

But I still don’t have my brain!

Any fresh ideas??