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“There is absolutely no basis for not serving in the army.”

What are you talking about?! Li’halacha, one is not supposed to stop learning to perform a mitzva that is efsher la’asos al yiday achairim, can be performed by somebody else.

“If learning is important they can learn before and after, and if they were truly interested in doing their part the army would have worked out a system where they could continue learning while they serve.”

Any time spent serving cannot be spent learning. The Chareidim would rather be learning.

“But it is obvious, and has always been obvious, that the chareidim just dont want to serve. Some of them are just scared, and some of them (especially the leadership) are afraid that once their population is our in the real world they will realize that they dont need to be charedi and that their roshei yeshiva have been wrong about some things.”

It is obvious, and always has been, that the Lapidnicks don’t just want the Chareidim to “share the burden”. Instead, they view the Chareidim as a backwards, evil cult that must be destroyed at all costs.

“They claim that they are protecting the state by learning, but you would have to be a delusional charedi to think that is an argument that would actually convince anyone that isnt charedi.”

Aha. So looking good is more important than doing what’s actually right?


“the Charaidim are practicing Jim Crow. (although I don’t agree that it can be compared either way) This is with their “separate but equal” access to the Kotel, “separate but equal” bussing & exclusive neighborhoods for Charaidim only (to the point where they regulate what visitors are allowed to wear and physically assault those who do not comply). It is bigotry, pure and simple.”

You do realize that everything you just called “bigotry” is all pure halacha, right?