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thank you all for being so nice about this! (sammy16- pretty funny actually thnx) saysme- i was worried about responses from people,thats why i waited so long to ask advice and yes unfortuatnly its more then once in a while things like this happend. the real problem is i have already talked to her in a calm setting when we where both unemotional, and it continues to happen, she admitted to hitting me other times as easy as saying it like nothing wrong,im at a loss,i know things happen and i know people have it so much worse,but i just get really hurt by these things. through out my years friends have always said they look forward to shabbos as a break from the week i always thought they where joking,cause in my house i dread it cause it means more yelling at me and somethimes things being throne,i said something ot my brother about shabbos and said he always felt the same way about dreading it…