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when you get to the point of college, you’ll deal with that. Whether going out of town, or living alone, or dorming, etc. But don’t worry about it now.

Your father should be going to a psyc and on meds, and your mother should be getting couselling for it, and for her own issues. And you should be getting the support you need, and care too.

Re rav, call him or his wife if you prefer, say you have to discuss an issue and when is a good time. Tell them all that’s going on. They are in a position to speak to your parents and try to get them to go for help, and they won’t for sure need to let them know you even spoke to them. This is in addition to a mentor, not instead of. Your parents cant be happy with how things are. The rav can help them change it, and a mentor can help for you. It’s doing them a favor, taking the step they’re afraid to.

Re divorce- it does NOT have to make you scared and begging for it to not happen! You are all unhappy as is, don’t feel bad about hoping change could bring improvement.

Like morahrach mentioned, for some reason, in

many of these situations, the relationships changes with marriage. I cannot understand how it makes sense, but it happens. Suddenly mothers who were hated by their daughters are suddenly close. Seems illogical, and noone thinks it will happen, but it does. Something to hope for…