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charliehall -You wrote something after each point, but it didn’t address the point.

“The federal government has no power to make it illegal for a state or local government to pass a law. In most cases any federal law, however, would pre-empt any state or local laws, and that is the case here.”

My Point Was -the State should Not be able to pass Laws than in essence encourage people to use Pot, which is against Federal law. And this is fact that this is what happens.

“But the state or local government agencies need permission to do this; they are not permitted to be freelancers.”

You obviously Didn’t read my post -I said the NYPD freelances with their Anti-terrorist squad. Did you know they were spying in NJ?

“Local police departments can only enforce federal law with permission of the appropriate federal law enforcement agency.”

I just proved to you that they don’t in the above case.

“Not all opiates are legal; for example,”

So why are you allowed to grow Pot plants? Why does the Feds ignore this? Do you think if I grew an Opium plant -the Feds would ignore me?