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agree with all you guys, i always hear people saying things like, “its not a women’s chiyuv, they don’t need to.” So i just wanted to see what people’s opinions are since cummon, on the night of matan torah=the epitome of judaism go that extra mile and show Hashem you care and love what we have…like if we are always in line with what we are “chayiv” to do it’s like well that’s all judaism means to you? a list of rules???

So women all over the world, it doesn’t mean we have to literally sit with a gemara all night long, but maybe just a few hours after the meal take the megillas rus and read through it with some meforshim, read a nice english sefer, go to a shiur, set together with some other women for a little while. We are the only religion in the world who has something so unique. they all chase some guy who woke up one morning with some crazy idea. we have a mesorah! we have the truth, why not show some pride?

Happy Shtieging!