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saw the pictures and videos (there’s some good ones on youtube) and found it fascinating. whenever the kallah was in public (chuppah, mitzva tantze) etc. thats when she had a veil on, so all the pictures show her with the veil cuz when she was only with the women i assume there were no pictures.

i happen to think it was very nice, you really dont need 25,000 men staring at you in any situation, especially at your wedding. she’s the only ‘white’ thing in the room (dress) and she sticks out enough already….its human nature to glance or gaze at things that stick out (ex: most ppl will reflexively notice other people’s skin showing, part of the reason why tznius is so important)

i also loved the ‘hat’ piece that she had on to cover her hair, it was stunning. i saw a close up shot of it, covered in crystals and diamonds. tasteful, tznius and elegant, gorgeous