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MDD, I had already agreed to disagree with you, but you still haven’t shown how this position is “extreme”, other than to Zionists. Regardless, this is the mainstream Torah position among those who have not been hoodwinked by Zionism. I won’t bother you with further examples.

Avi K, you seem to be so blinded by Zionism that you actually wrote:

“Serving Hashem as best he can means first of all doing the mitzva of yishuv haaretz.”

Any objective high school student could tell you that this assertion makes no sense.

First of all, Yishuv HaAretz is anyways a machlokes if/how applicable it is nowadays.

Secondly, by your writing that Yishuv HaAretz is “first of all” mitzvos, you are showing how your Zionism not only has been grafted on to, lihavdil, your observance of the mitzvos of our holy Torah but that your Zionism has taken precedence over, liHavdil, our Torah.

This is also known as kefira.