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Just Emes (continued):

Let’s look at the politics and history.

Did you know that the Zionists themselves blew up one of those boats, the Patria, in Palestine, in political protest, supposedly not intending to kill any of the Jews on that boat?

Did you know that, long before 1948, the Zionists (fraudulently, of course) established themselves as the representatives for world Jewry and, during WW II, actively lobbied governments such as Canada to not take in Jews from Europe as they would have otherwise done, because the Zionists insisted the Jews would either be brought to Palestine only, no matter what?

Did you even hear about the Zionist mantra during WW II that “Rak BiDam Tihye Lanu HaAretz”?

Even the religious Zionists openly admit this. But there’s more: a Zionist official said that the old and infirm are like dust and they shall pass and that no effort would be made and no money would be spent to save them from being murdered by the Nazis in Europe in WW II? There were plenty of other quotes like “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe”?

Do you know what vicious lies and slander the Zionists said about Jews before the Holocaust in a treacherous attempt to justify “needing” a “Jewish” State?

Did you know that the Nazis YM”Sh used some of those Zionist lies as part of their own propaganda?

Have you seen Rabbi Weissmandl’s writings on the topic of frustrated rescue efforts during WW II, how the Zionists impeded rescue attempts?

(There’s much more.) Once you’ve seen past the Zionist blindfolds, then you can better evaluate how much “good” you think the Zionists have done. Again, I refer you to the arsonist example above, and that is a very kind analogy, in my humble opinion.