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Thank you for your replies. SY. Yes, you get me!

As far as cutting my hours, it is actually a better paying job than the previous one I had before I gave birth, but I don’t know if i can ask for less hours. I MAY be able to work from home Fridays please Gd. That’s if I take this job i was offered. I am holding out a little longer for another job that doesn’t start until the end of August. I just am so upset. I do not have a sitter yet, I am dreading that process but maybe if i trust them i will feel a TAD better. I wish I could just stay home. I have friends who are gone from 7-7 or 8-6 and they say they could not IMAGINE being home all day with their babies. My dream would be to just be home forever with my kids. They ask me if I am bored all way! We read, we play, we walk, we excersize, we TALK, we make brachas, we SING, we dance, we CUDDLE, we are just SO beautifully busy. My heart misses him already and he is asleep next to me. Oy.