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re: Your comments to Moderator 67…

It is of course true that the draft existed then.

My father, z”l, was part of that draft, and part of that army, so I am also well aware that there were many Jews in the army.

I am also well aware that during the Vietnam war era, there was also a draft, but despite that, despite “having to follow orders”, many opted to go to Canada or to jail and NOT to serve. I am not judging them, but we really did not find that happening in WW2. Many even enlisted and were not drafted because they wanted a chaylek in fighting the nazi (and japanese) enemy. Many even enlisted when they were too young to be drafted, and faked their age on their ID.

Of course, without question, everything is ultimately decided by HKB”H, but let’s just say that b’derech ha’teva, without those men Mod-67 spoke of, WE would all be dead, and our goyish neighbors would be speaking german.

I am sure it is true that many American troops were not tzadikim in their personal lives, especially by our standards, but let’s not take away or minimize the huge zechus that these men earned by risking, and in many cases sacrificing, life and limb for a cause greater than themselves.