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Charlie, the difference between your historical revisionism and my outlandish posts is that, while both are firmly in the Peerim tradition, I do not even pretend that what I am writing is true.

In addition, my outlandish satire may get a few laughs. Your historical accounts may make some people shed a few tears, though I know better than to treat them as anything but the ramblings of someone who is brainwashed by jaded, discredited 1960’s leftism.

Just as I will not leave local 5 hryvnia notes in my home overnight as they bear the picture of the tzoirer Chmelnitzki YMS, so, too, do I leave (now worthless) nickels which bear the likeness of FDR on the counter or put them in a pushka whenever I visit the US. The difference is that I can quickly spend the 5 UAH notes and get a bottle of water or a small soda, whereas the worthless nickel, which might as well be wooden, is a fitting tribute to the economic policies of FDR.

As for his war record, it really is unclear. However, he was no hero. At best he was indifferent to the plight of Yidden and just listened to Dreckinridge Long and Steven Wiseguy, and at worst he was indeed a rosho merusho.

The bombing the tracks idea may also not have been feasible; this I don’t know.