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writersoul, I appreciate your remarks.

However, I am not applying my opinion to this; there is really no underlying reason to the other side, as I pointed out. Halacha prescribes certain actions and proscribes other actions. This is simple and indisputable.

Great gedolim have used the severest of condemnations when describing Zionism and its State, grossly inappropriately named “Israel”, and its various organs. They used terms like Avoda Zara, apikorsus, yehareig viAl Yaavor, and others.

So when pro-Zionists say foolish things like “but look at all the nissim that happened?” and “can’t you see the yad Hashem?”, none of these are valid answers to the myriad halachic and other problems with Zionism.

Yet, despite the complete lack of logic to these arguments, I tried to explain that, for instance, nissim are not indicative of Hashem’s will. Neither are military victories, “miraculous” or otherwise, especially when millions of Jews live there, because Hashem loves His children.

This is also indisputable.

However, if it were possible for Zionists to bring Torah sources that contradict (that same Torah, and, for example) Rav Chaim, Rav Elchonon, the Chazon Ish, and many others, then those sources could be examined (and have been, and all found not to CH”V condone Zionism). But mere emotional sevaras like “look how many people became frum in response to 1967” are meaningless.