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At the time of the maskilim, they put on a show poking fun at charedim. It went like this:

the enemy came to attack. the jewish army was massive and strong. then the leader of the nation got up and declared:

anyone who planted a vineyard and hasn’t seen fruit, go home. anyone who married within the last year, go home. anyone who is worried about his sins, go home. And who was left to fight? a handful of older scholars against the fierce enemy!

This was supposed to be a very funny joke, based on what is written in tanach.

But the point is, we need to remember that thats how it really was – and we won. (when we merited Hashems help)

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I don’t expect people who have no idea what judaism is to know – but i do think that religious jews should have a bit more trust in G-d and a bit more ????? ?????.

We need to do what G-d says, and we’ll leave the math to Him.

According to “math” – the jewish nation should have been extinct years ago. We need zechuyos to continue.