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benignuman -“On a previous thread I listed the Mizrachi Gedolim that held that there is a chiyuv to participate in the army, chiyuvis not just kiyumis. Maybe we understand the word chiyuv differently.”

No, Avi K, you’re are just misinterpreting their words for your twisted politics. Telling s/o who asks you a Shaila (a MO Rabbi) that you should go to the IDF and saying that the Israeli Gov. should draft (ie -force) Charedim into the army against their will, is Not the same thing, no matter how much you Scream it is!

“More importantly, as I wrote above, I don’t mean that someone should be forced at gunpoint into the army. They should be drafted and have to come down for an interview. If they claim that they hold it is assur on the grounds that the entire Medinah is treif and being in the army is an assur of hischabrus, then they will receive a patur, but they will also be ineligible for any financial assistance from the treifene medinah.”

You’re one of the biggest hypocrite, lying, Zionists here.

Drafting them you claim is Not being forced -then why is it a draft? You claim the forcing is Not for jail time, but to lose Gov. money. Since when did the Israeli Gov. give people Kollel checks in the first place? Oh, you mean take away their social programs because they are commiting a crime. So therefore they are second-class citizens – even lower than arabs. But you just said the army will give them a Patur? Obviously you don’t know what Patur from the IDF means! I never seen such double talk and contradictions in one post ever before.

Cool it before we have to start deleting your posts.