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popa-bar-abba-Your comments do confuse me. I wrote that in ‘milei d’alma’ one is not obligated to follow a Possek- to which you replied that all things in life should be subject to Torah decisions, from which I demurred,asserting that obligations only count in the hahacha sphere. Now, I am not sure what you are advocating. For example, the recent draft controversy has evoked sayings of “jaharog ve’al jaavor” in resisting the laws. Do yo uconsider that objective? And must I follow this reasoning?

Zionism is another historic example- Some gedolim consider it “jaharog ve’al jaavor’ (see Brisk) Is that a halachic ordinance that I must follow??

I would submit that in both these instances, the halachic basis is virtually non-existent and i can follow my own feelings on this.