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I spoke with my Rav (who’s an RCA member) about the letter over Shabbos.

He said the membership of the RCA was never consulted about the letter, and the first they heard of it was when it was leaked. He said the internal message board for RCA members was the busiest he’d seen it in a long, long, time – and none of it was positive. Most members were furious with the 3 people who wrote the letter, and they let them know about it!

He said that Friday afternoon, an internal letter was sent to RCA members from the 3 writers, apologizing for claiming that they spoke for the membership of the RCA, when they had never discussed the issue. He did not know if they will also be apologizing to Chacham Ovadia.

He also told me that while he doesn’t always agree with R’ Stav’s position on many things, he does recognize that he’s a huge talmud chacham, and he has tremendous respect for him. He also respects Chacham Ovadia tremendously. He said he doesn’t know the context of Chacham Ovadia’s remarks about R’ Stav, so he can’t speculate on why it was said.