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“What a shanda! I followed Linzer’s daf yomi for meseches nida and it was loaded with prost language, the jargon of his audience and students no doubt. And his daf yomi shiur included women. He has no eidelkeit and that separates the real talmudei chachamim and roshei yeshiva from the imposters.”

I attended Rabbi Linzer’s daf yomi shiur IN PERSON for almost all of meseches nida. I was there and I take strong exception to your outrageous comments. Rabbi Linzer is a tremendous talmid chacham and he treats the subject matter without cutting corners or apologetics. Much of nida is very detailed and graphic and it requires accurate language to be used if you want to learn it. I personally teach medical students very non-tzniut stuff and you would not ever want to be treated by a doctor whose professor cut corners on language.

And yes, Rabbi Linzer’s daf yomi shiur is attended by women. My wife is now a regular attendee. What is the problem with that?