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“Rabbi Linzer is a tremendous talmid chacham and he treats the subject matter without cutting corners or apologetics. Much of nida is very detailed and graphic and it requires accurate language to be used if you want to learn it.:”

I have been learning in a regular daf yomi shiur for many years. In addition, I also regularly learn and review the daf with various magedei shiur on on-line sites, including: the Orthodox Union site, the YU site, the Toronto Kollel site.

If you go to these sites, you will observe how real talmedei chachomim speak.

Accurate language does not mean prost language. And proper or technical language does not diminish accuracy. There is a tznius in speech; especially when you have women listening.

I have not seen any Artscroll publications or the like use the prost language of Linzer to enhance the learning, nor have I heard it from any of the ehrlich magedei shiurim.