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Sam2-you will forgive me for not being impressed by your (possible) quotes.You’ll have to show me any teshuvo by a chareidi Possek in the last fifty years that paskens like Rav Unterman or Rav Herzog. R”Zvi Pessach Frank is an exception because he was Rov in Jerushalaim.

The chareidi Poskim in the past century have denied the authority of Poskim that they did not wish to recognize for political reasons. See R”Dovid Hoffman’s “melamed lehoyil” or Rav Weinberg’s “Seridei EisH”, for example. This is not to denigrate the chareidi Poskim but just to show that they will not recognize Poskim that don’t align themselves with their political line. Rav Kook zz’l and the Rov zz’l are in that position too. Check out Rav meshulam Rath zz’l and yo uwill see what I mean. Rav Goren’s erudition was as good as anyone’s but his aggressive stand on the Israeli Army and Israel were anathema to the chareidim. This does not invalidate his Piskei halocho.