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Sam2: Thank you for your very thorough research on this matter.I don’t have the means to do the same research. Actually, you have buttressed what I have been thinking all along. Rav Ovadia Josef shelita, throughout his whole life, was one of the meikilin on many matters. Hence, his preponderance in quoting Poskim that you may not find in the average chareidi teshuvo.Same with the Tzitz Eliezer. The only surprise for me is that R’Moshe Sternbuch shelita quotes the “seridei eish”. maybe it is the family connection (Rav Sternbuch has family in Switzerland).All that said, do you think that Rav Sherman (and Rav Attiya) were right in the recent controvesy? And do you think that Rav Goren did not have the authority of doing what he did? If you disapprove of Rav Goren, how can you accept Rav Sherman? At least, the opposite can be allowed in isolated instances, as Rav Goren did . I appreciate your intelligent responses, even as I don’t always agree with them.