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gavra – sorry, call it what you want, but as i stated before, i just don’t buy it. my kids are perfectly healthy k”h, b”h, they are active, they eat properly, take vitamins, and have no medical issues except when they took vaccines 3 years ago. since then we avoid certain vaccines.

truthsharer- i don’t know how to use bold type so i used caps. i have some names at home of which you can read of, but i will only be home late tonight. i don’t emember their names but i’ll try to remember to look them up so that i can post them later.

again i have been on the fence with this issue. but how can people be so ignorant and ignore all the horror stories ( and yes there are so many out there) related to vaccines? yes they prevent many disasters, but not without terrible risks and other disasters to those who get vaccinated.

secondly, what’s up with HPV? some posters mention rabbonim, well, this is where perhaps rabbonim SHOULD BE informed, and PROTEST AGAINST its use for our frum B.Y. girls and frum communities. anyone have a response to this particular vaccine? im all ears.