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frumnotyeshivish -“In this case, if the only abuse of the children is not vaccinating, an easier solution than taking away the children permanently would be to just take them away for 20 minutes,vaccinate them, and give them back.

There is no evidence of any other abuse or neglect besides not vaccinating.”

If you read my post I was talking only about this poster who has magical thinking, not other parents who don’t vaccinate.

When you have magical thinking -you put your kids’ lives on the line. To give an example, if the parents who can’t think straight see their kid Ch’vs semi-consious, they will say “Oh, the kid is just sleeping funny” and Not seek emergency care. If you think I’m being absurd, as you know I’m in the medical field (whether you believe it or not), and awhile ago I saw a MD do exactly that. He saw a child semi-conscious and asked the parent if the child always sleeps like that. Needless to say, there wasn’t a good outcome. If I could have done something at that time, I would have, but I was just an innocent bystander.