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🍫Syag Lchochma

I was asked to work at a new camp program for kids with disabilities (completely secular environment). The director said they needed me full time and not to even think of taking early Fridays to travel for shidduchim. I was thrilled. After 6 years I got a whole month off of dating!!! I hated dating and because I grew up MO and became more yeshivish-ish I was considered a BT by the yeshivish guys and FFB by the BT’s. I was often fixed up with people waaaaay off from where I was holding. (I would travel to NY but only to date other OOTers) One of the male counselors was a border of the director. They talked him into working for them at the last minute, for the month before he left for Israel to learn. He was in cut offs and t-shirts and I had no idea what his story was (I was dating BMG guys). As time went on I realized this guy was more “frum” than I thought and was shtarker than my friends and I. He just hadn’t been ready to make that uniform change. Needless to say, four weeks later, without even a single date, I knew who my ‘other half’ was. If you saw how he was dressed when I met him you would NEVER have redt him to me. And I never would have said yes. Hashem certainly has his ways.