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You want more, boys?? They ARE out there. but we have to get going on Kiruv and bring the boys back into the fold. You want more boys, then we need to teach them a parnassah so they can support their future families. Getting boys to date earlier is not the solution. Helping the boys try to find an income and giving them confidence would work wonders. How is a 20 year old boy ready to get married?? How is he suppose to support a wife and kids. In today’s day and age both husband and wife, in most cases need to work. Unless the parents are willing to support, but how can the parents support all their married kids, when they have single children at home?? How are single parents suppose to support married kids, when they are already struggling. I keep saying it, but the emphasis on the boys in most Yeshivas is to get them learning, where in most cases, the boys should not be there full time. They are concentrating on the rare masmid, and the other boys get lost in the shuffle and pay. There is nothing wrong with our boys working. There should be Yeshivas, that teach a trade as well, part time and learn the other half. Unless the current situation changes, most boys will look for girls, with families who are willing to support the couple, and those type of families are far and few.