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Ken Zayn

You are all correct.

WIY is correct to be disturbed when he saw what he saw. It is a sign of a rachamon which is a siman of a yid to have pity on a strangers child. I’m sure he would have felt the same had it been a non jewish baby.

The posters sympathetic to the mother are also correct. What could she have done? She has been blessed with a baby and had nowhere else to put it. Would she have done this to the baby of a relative she was looking after for the day? Of course not. It is only because she feels restricted and inhibited by the pressure of having to run a house while on low energy and deprived of sleep and on top of all to be unable to go anywhere without having to shlep the baby with that led her to act in this way.

So who or what is at fault? Boy am I gonna open a can of worms now but this is truly what I feel and it makes me mad.

It is one of several faults in our frum system that pressures us into having large families that only the most capable and geshikt people can cope yet the rest of us do it too with that allows senarios such as this.

It is also a fault of the same system when very young children, probably of the same families as in WIY’s opening post, are seen walking several of their even younger siblings to school and back crossing busy roads etc.

It is also a fault of the same system where many young men who are not cut out to sit in yeshiva and learn gemara all day long are not advised to go study to gain the qualifications that could help them with parnasah in later life but are kept in yeshiva and then kolel and then when their kids grow up and they cant afford school yeshiva and seminary fees for them and cannot put money away for their weddings they have nowhere to turn.

Where are the next generation of frum professionals coming from?The local hachnosas kalahs worldwide are in crisis. Never before have there been such demands on their limited finances. More and more of us are turning to them for help with our ever growing families to ask for financial assistance. More and more of our local mosdos are fighting to keep afloat financially also, with less and less gevirim around for them to seek help from.

When oh when is there going to be a serious kehillah wide approach to find solutions for these and other similar issues?