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    I need seminary help. Go onto the thread called Keser chaya seminary in israel.


    That’s nice. I wasn’t offering my services, just wondering. 😛

    I. M. Shluffin

    1:00 AM is my peak for posting. When else would I have time? So, aye!


    It’s not 1 a.m., it’s 8:46 a.m. Get out of bed and get yourself moving!

    I. M. Shluffin

    Where do you live, in relationship to the equator? Give me longitude and latitude.


    Hey, that’s called snooping or stalking or lurking… They don’t allow such questions on the CR <Jother anywhere?!?> If I give you my coordinates, I’ll have you (and everyone else here who’s at my neck) at my door in minutes!!

    OK, you really need to know? It’s 40.6(Something)(Something)(Something),-73.9(Something)(Something)(Something)


    Oh wow. We now narrowed it down to an area smaller than Australia.


    That’s something.

    I. M. Shluffin

    If those coordinates are correct, then I know in which city you live. You should have given me the L&L of some place in the middle of the ocean, like our GPS does. That would have been funny!

    I think I’ll try to get to sleep b4 1:00 this morning. I have 20 minutes to go…


    ?. U. Wake Up:

    I never hid my place of residence. East of Yiddishkite.


    cud be someone said this already but dont they stop putting up the posts at 1? i usually post around then and someone always posted before me and my post ends up sounding a bit weird


    ?. U. Wake Up

    I see you did!!


    frog man im guessing u werent talking to me but to the mod?


    Nope, to I.M. Shluffin.

    I. M. Shluffin

    ?. U… that’s ingeniously adorable! As is East of Yiddishkeit. I would join you there, but I’d rather live in Yiddishkeit proper.

    Yes, I did, BH. And last night – wait for it – I went to bed before eleven! I should really throw a siyum or something.


    Baruch Hashem, I see at least someone “chapps”

    And, btw, I hope you’re from those who are “better for them and the world when they’re awake”.

Viewing 16 posts - 101 through 116 (of 116 total)
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