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    The Ridbaz had already fled from Chicago.He was shot at.

    There was a Sultan, a Tzar, and 2 Kaisers

    The majority of countries today didn’t exist

    The name Tel Aviv didn’t exist

    Neither of the Poles had yet been reached by humans.

    The Ben Ish Chai was alive

    Rudyard Kipling had already written Chicago:

    I HAVE struck a city–a real city–and they call it Chicago.

    The other places do not count. San Francisco was a

    pleasure-resort as well as a city, and Salt Lake was a


    This place is the first American city I have encountered. It

    holds rather more than a million of people with bodies, and

    stands on the same sort of soil as Calcutta. Having seen it, I

    urgently desire never to see it again. It is inhabited by

    savages. Its water is the water of the Hooghly, and its air is

    dirt. Also it says that it is the “boss” town of America.

    I do not believe that it has anything to do with this country.

    They told me to go to the Palmer House, which is overmuch gilded

    and mirrored, and there I found a huge hall of tessellated marble

    crammed with people talking about money, and spitting about

    everywhere. Other barbarians charged in and out of this inferno

    with letters and telegrams in their hands, and yet others shouted

    at each other. A man who had drunk quite as much as was good for

    him told me that this was “the finest hotel in the finest city on

    God Almighty’s earth.” By the way, when an American wishes to

    indicate the next country or state, he says, “God A’mighty’s

    earth.” This prevents discussion and flatters his vanity.

    Then I went out into the streets, which are long and flat and

    without end. And verily it is not a good thing to live in the

    East for any length of time. Your ideas grow to clash with those

    held by every right-thinking man. I looked down interminable

    vistas flanked with nine, ten, and fifteen-storied houses, and

    crowded with men and women, and the show impressed me with a

    great horror.

    Except in London–and I have forgotten what London was like–I

    had never seen so many white people together, and never such a

    collection of miserables. There was no color in the street and

    no beauty–only a maze of wire ropes overhead and dirty stone

    flagging under foot.

    A cab-driver volunteered to show me the glory of the town for so

    much an hour, and with him I wandered far. He conceived that all

    this turmoil and squash was a thing to be reverently admired,

    that it was good to huddle men together in fifteen layers, one

    atop of the other, and to dig holes in the ground for offices.




    Its a mussar haskil, the Cubs won their fist world series in 108 years!, their fans were waiting and waiting and are so happy now..BUT in a few days it wears off and its old news and doesnt give a person any real satisfaction, unlike Torah and Mitzvos and serving Hashem which does last and give real satisfaction


    Most Of world jewry were in or close to the Pale of Settlement,


    ironically ,the ace of the Cubs was Mordechai Brown


    The Ridbaz had already fled from Chicago.He was shot at.

    The story I heard is that he was locked in a freezer.

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