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    In “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers ” Historian Brian Rigg claims that some of the Wermachs most senior officials were descendents of intermarried Jews. 150, 000 “Mischlinge” as the Nazi’s defined them served loyally for Germany during WWII. Some were admirals & general’s who no doubt aided Hitler at least indirectly to bring about the Holocaust.
    As we watch the unfolding tragedy of Jewish assimilation today we should should redouble our efforts to support outreach efforts.
    Large numbers of assimilated Jews have been mourning the deaths of Hamas terrorists killed while attempting to enter Israel & kill Jews. The final golus is said to be when we are persecuted by our own brethren. We should support kiruv richokim even more now.


    They were many other jews, who unhappily as it is to admit now, helped the Nazis
    There was a jew in finland and one in Lebanon who both sold arm shipments to the german Wehrmacht


    The Nazis considered anyone ever a quarter Jewish to be Jewish for their categorization.




    For a first-hand look at the situation then read “Mischling, Second Degree: My childhood in Nazi Germany” by Ilse Koehn. Her father’s mother was Jewish, and they managed to avoid deportation because her father was a civil engineer that the Nazis decided was too useful to kill. Ilse was brought up not knowing she was part Jewish.

    I suspect that number of 150,000. There were some, sure, but 150,000? Sounds like somebody was looking for click-bait and you fell for it.


    why are you calling them Jews? Although previous generations assimilated, these people were Christians. Many of them probably were unaware of their Jewish ancestry.


    The Nazis considered anyone even a quarter Jewish to be Jewish for their categorization.

    That’s “a quarter Jewish” by their definition.

    jew boy2

    was hitler ym’s a “”shin-daled””?


    Most of the jews who fought for the Axis were from Finland

    Germans had to prove their racial backround and while there were a few like Erhard Milch (A Leading Nazi , whose father was Jewish and he was put on trial at Nurenberg for war crimes) who were able to get around the Nurenmberg laws, Most jews (Actually Part jews) who were able to get into the german army were caught and dismissed


    “was hitler ym’s a “”shin-daled””?”

    Of course! everybody knows that. that’s why he never took of his boots in order to hide his chicken feet.


    I’m afraid Poe’s Law may apply here, Ubiquitin.


    Poe’s Law?


    Poe’s law.


    Joe’s law?


    You can’t believe everything you read, either on-line or in print.

    Avi K

    Rambam says (Guide 1:7) that they are humanoids who lack a tzelem Elokim and are therefore capable of causing great damage. I read in Rav Soloveichik’s name that if you see someone like Hitler and Stalin ym”s who has no human feeling you can be sure that he is one of them. This is more or less the definition of a psychopath.

    As for Poe’s Law, Agnon was once asked what he meant in one of his stories. He told the inquirer to ask a certain literary critic.


    The headline isn’t accurate at all. There were people with Jewish ancestors who fought with the Nazis but they weren’t assimilated Jews. Almost none were Jewish halchicly and they weren’t people who actively assimilated themselves .

    Also the number 150,000 sounds way to high.

    That said the concept is true. I used to wonder how secular Jews in America were so indifferent to the holocaust and even sabotaged rescue efforts. I was sure that today things would be different .Until there starting being groups like J Street . They would act the exact way .

    Avi K


    Those secular American Jews who sabotaged rescue efforts did so because they feared that more Jews would mean more antisemitism. They also feared that WW2 would be labeled a Jewish war.This was not without foundation. In a 1938 poll, approximately 60 percent of the respondents held a low opinion of Jews, labeling them “greedy,” “dishonest,” and “pushy.”41 percent of respondents agreed that Jews had “too much power in the United States,” and this figure rose to 58 percent by 1945. In 1939 a Roper poll found that only thirty-nine percent of Americans felt that Jews should be treated like other people. Fifty-three percent believed that “Jews are different and should be restricted” and ten percent believed that Jews should be deported. Several surveys taken from 1940 to 1946 found that Jews were seen as a greater threat to the welfare of the United States than any other national, religious, or racial group.

    J Street and their ilk do not fear generally fear antisemitism (I suspect that many Jews on campuses who publicly espouse anti-Israel positions do so out of fear). They are ideologically opposed to any form of nationalism. I think that this is also why the Right is pro-Israel. In fact, one politician once commented that Netanyahu could be a Republican.. BTW, the feeling is so mutual that there was once talk of Netanyahu bringing the Likud and several smaller parties into an Israeli Republican party.


    Avi , you ‘re granting them too much benefit of the doubt.

    Fact is many North American jews didn’t care enough to disturb their routine.(that would include several of my own relatives)They were more than a few Jewish America Firsters.
    A friend of my mine whose grandfather in Toronto was financially actively aiding during & after the holocaust related that he asked his grandfather once how come his peers didn’t do as much
    Response: They didn’t care enough


    Avi is right. If you look at the statements of Jewish leaders during the war, that’s exactly what they heard from the US government. In fact, a lot of his enemies tried to spread the rumor that FDR was a Jew, using the similarity of his Dutch name to Jewish ones. Google Father Coughllin and his anti-Semitic radio show for a sample.

    And to quote someone I knew years ago, a non-Jew from a previous generation: “Jews are OK, they’re almost as good as white people.” No, we aren’t “white,” and plenty of “white” people still think we’re a different race and believe that Rothschild, or Soros, or some other fictional conspiracy, are actually running the country from behind the scenes. Some things don’t change. The world was horrified by what they learned about the camps, but there’s a new generation of non-Jews who don’t remember, and the Holocaust-deniers are flourishing.


    <i>J Street and their ilk do not fear generally fear antisemitism (I suspect that many Jews on campuses who publicly espouse anti-Israel positions do so out of fear). They are ideologically opposed to any form of nationalism.</i>

    If J Street’s issue was nationalism then they wouldn’t be pro Palestinian either because the Palestinians are way more nationalistic than the Israelis are.

    Their issues are that they very much want to assimilate completely but (1) it is difficult for them to be pro-Israel when the prevailing feeling in the left is so anti-Israel (2)anti-Semitism masked as anti-Israel makes them realize it isn’t so easy to assimilate .

    To drown out those thoughts they take a very anti-Israel position to tell themselves there is no anti-Semitism in the anti Israel bias and to tell the non-Jews. “No we’re not like those Jews. We are just like you . Let us assimilate among you.

    It isn’t for no reason that the head of J Street frequently takes a salami-ham-and-cheese sandwich to interviews. He is trying to make a point that he has nothing to do with “Jewish” Jews.

    Avi K

    Midwest, that non-Jew is like Rabbi Yishmael (Mishna, Negaim 2:1).

    Smerel, many leftists oppose “white nationalism” while supporting “self-determination for oppressed peoples”. Thus Palestinian nationalism is not really nationalism but self-determination. Some have suggested that European Unionists would really like to see an Israeli-Palestinian federation (which is why they loved Peres and his idea of a “new Middle East”). Some have even suggested joint Israeli-Jordanian sovereignty over Judea and Samaria as a solution. If the JStreters just want to assimilate completely they can change their names and pretend not to be Jewish.

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