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    That’s a whole yotta money! (pun intended)

    How does one go about getting that much money? Certainly it would be enough to solve the tuition crisis – at least for your immediate family.

    Imagine that you are the world’s greatest fundraiser. Bill Gates, whose estimated net worth was $50 Billion, is perhaps the richest man on Earth. Let’s suppose that you went to him and convinced him to give you all of his money – every last cent. You’re not quite there yet.

    Now imagine that every person on Earth is as rich as Bill Gates. There are approximately 6.8 Billion people on this planet. Now imagine that you convince every one of them to give you all their money – every last cent. You’re still not quite there yet. This is only 6.8 Billion x 50 Billion, or $340,000,000,000,000,000,000.

    What is next? We ran out of people on this world – so let’s imagine that there are parallel Earths. Each one of those parallel universes has the same 6.8 billion people living on the planet, and each person is worth the same $50 Billion.

    You would need to raise funds from every single person on 5,248 parallel planet Earths – every last cent from every last person. Only then would you have this amount of money.

    Luckily, there is an easier way. A U.S. customer of Bank of America may be on his way to getting all this money without having to resort to raising non-existant funds from from non-existant beings. Due to an experience that he had with the bank, which he describes as “poor customer service”, he is suing BoA for 1,784 Billion Trillion Dollars. The case is being heard today by the same judge who sentenced Bernie Madoff, probably because they figure that this judge is experienced with large sums of money like this.

    My only question is: How can I get a poor customer service experience at Bank of America?

    Reporters interviewed President Obama on whether he plans to include the tax windfall from this case (assuming the suit is won) in his budget. He replied that he will use it to pay down the deficit. Reporters persisted, and asked – what about the rest? Obama replied, and I quote, “The rest will just have to wait.”

    Source: BBC News story analysis [their version has a typo though, and my presentation is better :)]


    Ill take maaser of the maaser!! 😉


    Just remember, because he is demanding it does not mean he will get it, even if he wins.


    I know some people who would still manage to spend it 😉


    hello that would be SOOOO helpful to pay for my masters and kollel life PLEASE!!!!!


    apparently you have too much time on your hands…GO LEARN!!!

    (and if you happen to be a woman…i know go learn is a wierd suggestion…heres an alternative…GO COOK!!! :D)


    bombmaniac, which should you be doing, “learning” or “cooking”?


    FYI Bill gates is no longer the world’s richest man (even before he decided to finally give masser on is money to PETA). The richest man is some dude in Mexico.

    America’s richest man was John D Rockefeller who had about fifteen times the fortune of Bill Gates (until he decided to buy a couple of states, and build a house with a couple hundred rooms and twenty plus bathrooms, I believe he used his money more productively than Mr. Gates).


    halelujah: I dont know the name of the mexican man but he was only able to pass bill gates because mexico doesnt have any monopoly laws, and i beleive he isnt the richest man anymore he lost a lot of money.


    I’d be happy with the interest!


    Don’t worry. If the dollar drops enough, you can win this amount in a day camp Hagralla. :#


    lol i know piza was even cheaper than this…but the cheapest i can remember pizza was 1 dollar…now?? HAH!


    well in a couple years, with the Bill gates’s x-fortune you’ll barely be able to buy a pie of pizza. Ha Ha

    checkmate 27

    just be happy with what u have and stop fantasizing


    sometimes dreams come true…


    Any lawyer who takes such a case is as foolish as their client. Any judge with his head screwed on straight should throw this case out of court. It is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of the court’s time and the taxpayer’s money. Even a case of unlawful death would never sue for such an outrageous amount nor would they expect to recover it and that would be a good reason for a suit, losing a life that can’t be replaced. Poor customer service is not a reason to place such a high monetary value on its worth. Any wise and professional judge would be well in his rights to accuse the plaintiff of trying to create a media circus and dismiss the case. It is an attack on the integrity of the law and the court, in my humble opinion. In yiddish I would say er macht a gelechter fin de dayan.


    Carlos Slim -that dude in mexico-might have enogh money to bail out of BoFA if they lose this case ):


    That amount of money does not yet exist, on the entire planet.

    No one individual has even a trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) and the entire planet does not have as much as you listed, there.

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