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    The Palestine Post⁩⁩, 3 February 1939:


    In a leaflet which is being widely distributed the Arabs Fakhamong , ri Abdul Hadi, who was Fawzi Kaukaj’s lieutenant during the 1936 disturbances and who returned to Palestine from Damascus (where he had been in exile) some three months has rinted an ago, repopen letter sent to Haj Amin al Husseini, in which he bitterly referred to the machinations against himiself of Izzat Darwuza and others in the Mufti’s entourage.
    Fakhri Abdul Hadi is a native of Arrabeh village near Jenin, and he is reported to have led his own armed men in several clashes with gangs supporting the Mufti. Izzat Darwuza, the Mufti’s kinsman, who was Director of Waqfs in Jerusalem, has been acting as treasurer for the Palestinian exfles in Syria and the terrorists operating in this country.


    Abdul Hadi criticised the oppressive regime under which the local Arab populace was suffering, and said that when men came to Arrabeh and killed five innocent villagers, he and his men took arms and shot dead ten of the attackers… He revealed also that his men had made an attempt to capture Yussef Abu Darra “who escaped by hiding among the women.” Abdul Hadi vehemently denied Darwuza’s accusations that he was a traitor, and concluded by saying that the Palestine “revolt” had ceased to be directed against the Government and the Jews — the latter were now safe — but was a war of blind hatred amongst the Arabs themselves. He warned that this could no longer be tolerated.


    Some highlights of anti-Israel terrorists using its own civilian pooulation including women and children as human shields:

    (Termed the ‘Dead Baby Strategy’ The effective vuctimhood played to incite its population and gather sympathy)

    In 1982-3 Arafat [PLO] uses women and children un Lebanon. Elaborated in the US House of Representatives; eyewitness in Lebanon; Finds by IDF.

    Dec, 2000 letter by Arab women on use of kids as “cannon fodders”. (Published in USA Today).
    [Israel To U.N.: “Keep Palestinians From Using Kids As Shields” H. Keinon, The Jerusalem Post, Nov. 8, 2000]

    Letter by US doctors in 2001.

    2002 increased use by Arafat’s intifada, human bombs, human a shields. Firing behind stone throwers and more.

    Jenin-2002, causing the soldiers to go through dangerous door to door.

    In 2002-4, usage of ambulances. (Near East Report, 2004)

    In Nov. 2006 Beit-Hanoun, terror masters surrounded themselves by women, thus escaped IDF, reported widely by all international press.

    In 2008, Hamas’ Fathi Hanmad openly said that they have been using women and children.
    Hamas explains use of human shields: “We desire death as you desire life.”

    In 2008, Fatah men accused Hamas of forcing them to act as human shields (Reported in Ynet, Apr.01.08).

    The 2009 al Arabyia reported live, reacting to rocket just launched beneath.

    In 2014, Sami Abu Zuhri calls on the Palestinian people to use the tactic to defend their homes: “We in the Hamas movement call on our people to adopt this procedure.”

    In 2014 many international journalists reported on wide use 8f human shields by Hamas and some Hamas threatened them [JPost, July.31.14].

    The France24 report, 2014, of launchers nearby houses.

    In 2014, Hamas terrorists caught using ambulances.

    July 2014, UN admitting its UNRWA was used.

    2014 – AP’s Matti Friedman’s report of Hamas using and controlling journalists.

    In 2018 used kids at the fences yo ge on the frontline so they can operate behind them.

    Hamas firing from besides offices of AP journalists; 2017-2021.

    2018 Hamas’ Sinwar: “We Decided To Turn The Bodies Of Our Women And Children Into A Dam Blocking Arab Collapse”

    In 2021, IDF aborting operations as kids were around, onstances of terror tunnels beneath schools. UNRWA acknowledges.
    In June-2021 Hamas’ Sinwar admitting to the operations located in residential places.


    Among noted entities outside of Israel accusing Hezbollah: Canadian reporter in 2006, the UN in 2001 and the UN in 2006. (Asides from infamous Kfar Qana).


    The full name of the one used human shields in 1939 was:

    Yusuf Sa’id Abu Durra (1900 – 1940 – nom de guerre: Abu Abed). He was one of the chief Arab rebel commanders during the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine.

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