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    My car ran out of gas so I thought why bother walking to a gas station when I can call Chaverim.

    Then they tell me there is a charge of $20 I agreed to it but very surprised at them. I always thought they are doing it as chessed.

    Think first

    2Qwerty- As a chaverim member I’d like to explain from two angles.

    Financially- 1 gallon= $4.00 (give or take)

    Gas tank= $10.00

    Total. = $14.00

    The chaverim member is supposed to offer you to keep the tank, the charge is $20, 20-14=$6 so now that we understand were talking about $6.00 here’s the idea. All other services that we do don’t cost the responder money, just his time. Do you really expect a chaverim member to spend $ on a constant basis to help others, it won’t work people won’t be able to afford it.

    Idea of charging- Now we could really charge you exactly what it costs, however we feel that many times when someone runs out of gas (obviously, not all cases) they could have prevented it with some forethought and, a gas call can be more involving than other types of calls, sometimes the member has to go fill up the tank special for you (maybe a few miles) then drive to you and help you. Whereas a boost he drives directly to you gives you a boost and he’s gone. Now, so that people keep an eye on their gas level we feel its important to have a charge.


    NOT charging money would not be a good idea.

    What you don’t pay for, you don’t quite appreciate as much…


    If he would have offered me the empty tank or at least 2-3 gallons then i wouldn’t be complaining. But it was less than a gallon to begin with and he spilled most of it on the floor so i barely got half a gallon and wasn’t offered anything.

    And this was a local call he walked over to me. I would have expected this type of service from AAA but i was hoping to get better service from my neighbors.


    I don’t think this is usual. I was told by a member that he charges $10 and fills his own tank with $10 worth of gas.


    This is funny, I remember seeing a nearly identical question (involving a tow truck instead of chaverim) in the readers digest around 15 years ago. The answer applies here too- what you were charged is nothing compared to the service you received and be glad that he didn’t add a surchage for stupidity (who runs out of gas in walking distance of a gas station?).

    I added that last part myself.


    2qwerty- You said it yourself in your post “why bother walking to a gas station when I can call Chaverim.” You CHOSE not to walk to a gas station.

    Were you on a dark deserted road and in danger? It sounds to me like you were absent minded in letting your car run out of gas, and just plain lazy in calling chaverim.


    Chaveirim is not bringing you gas. Carrying around bottles of gas is extremely dangerous. What Chaveirim is bringing you is called emergency gas, and does cost $20 a bottle.

    You can buy a bottle yourself at:


    And $20 is a bargain, considering it costs $22.95 direct from the manufacturer.



    You give the most reasonable answer thank you.


    I hope you’re kidding. That stuff?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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