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    Harris will win the democrat nomination after pledging allegiance to all that is left and liberal.

    republicans will be divided some saying how untrump they are; others saying they’re a normal version of trump. the twenty something candidates of 2016 will not compare to the amount in 24. maybe the party will divide into 2. either way it’ll be down to a rino.
    Harris wins by a lot.

    of course, the only thing that’s certain is how unpredictable it is.


    1. YWN will be an important source of news for the frum community. (I am not just saying this to be sure my comment is posted.)

    2. The rate of increase in ocean temperature from 2020 to 2024 will be triple the rate of 1990 – 1994.

    3. Population growth of non-Jewish Israelis will prompt Israeli right wing to embrace a two-state solution for Palestinians in Gaza and most of West Bank. Palestinian leadership will reject generous proposals for independent Palestinian state.

    4. UN will subsidize free ham sandwiches for all non-Christian citizens of Eretz Yisrael. Iowa Congressional delegation will support UN resolution.

    5. Donald Trump will be living in undisclosed location in Russia.


    Population growth of non-Jewish Israelis are on a downhill trajectory.


    Anyone who thinks they can predict ’24 is a neophyte.


    After 2020, I dont think anyone can predict what will happen tomorrow lol…
    But I dont see “participants” prediction as anything close to reality. It remains to be seen what role/if any, Donald Trump has here, the storm on the capitol lost him a lot of support among republicans. I do believe the next republican nominee, will be someone with who goes about pushing conservative policy the Trump did, someone who openly fights back against the radical left, but someone who acts more professional than Trump. I dont see any scenario in which the rinos retain control of the GOP. Republican voters have got a taste of what it means to have a politician actually fighting for you. The Republican base has grown considerably more diverse in the recent years, and not thanks to the rinos. Just take a look at who we’ve elected to congress this past election. I think Ron DeSantis would make a great candidate. As for Harris winning in a landslide, a ton remains to be seen in that regard. Remember, she and her socialist agenda was rejected in the democrat primaries. Once Americans get a little taste of what socialist, and “woke” policy, the score might be just a little different in 4 years…Also, Election reform is necessary as well, this years mail-in ballots were an unmitigated disaster. Without change, the republican nominee will be fighting an uphill battle from the start…


    “the storm on the capitol lost him a lot of support among republicans”

    The large majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to overturn the election, which was the goal of the coup mob.


    I. F. Stone wrote almost 80 years ago the dilemma that Democrats had in 1900. William Jennings Bryan was a certain loser to William McKinley, but Bryan wanted to run again and as I. F. Stone wrote, “The Democrats had no one else who could collect six million votes.” (Source: I. F. Stone, *They Also Ran: The Story of the Men Who Were Defeated for the Presidency*.)

    So the Republicans will voluntarily walk the plank into the shark infested waters and get eaten alive.


    Anyone who claims he can predict what will happen in four years is an idiot.
    no one predicted that a first term Senator will be beat Hillary Clinton four years out.
    Donald Trump was not even on the radar in 2012
    in 2016 no one predicted the Joe Biden will come out of retirement midway in the primary’s and run.
    We are not nivim and the topic is silly.
    My prediction is the moschach will come, I say Ani Mamaim every day


    What Common Chaichel said is actualy common shaichel and the way a yid should think


    Cs, john, I think we all agree on that point.



    I think Kamala Harris’ politics are likely the future of the Democrat party come 2024. She’s a new-school progressive not a socialist, similar to other 2020 presidential candidates like Cory Booker, Mayor Pete, Beto, and Julian Castro. So I’m guessing that the 2024 nominee will be someone running in the Kamala Harris wing, rather than another Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, or even less likely AOC-type.

    I’m both worried and have little idea where the post-Trump Republicans are headed. But I think Ron DeSantis would be a bad choice. His term started well but Covid really hurt him I think. He’s a divisive figure in Florida who has lost the support of non-party loyalists. He could face a tough challenge in 2022 and he only won by 0.4 percent last time.

    “The Republican base has grown considerably more diverse in the recent years, and not thanks to the rinos”

    I’d give it more than one election before you start saying that. The Republicans made clear gains among segments of the Hispanic population in the last election, but it’s too soon to call them part of the base.


    during 2024 campaign, Republican candidates will have a debate. After the debate, they’ll be removed from Twitter, lose their AOL accounts, and have FICO score revoked because they all were advocating verbal violence against the lawful President of the country. House will pro-actively impeach them all. This would be the new 2024 word: pre-peach.

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