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    Today 24 Ellul is the yahrtzeit of the Chafetz Chaim. Who can honestly say that he has not been inspired by the Chafetz Chaim at some point or in some way. His moiradige works Mishna Brura, Chafetz Chaim, Shmiras Halashon, Ahavas Chesed etc. etc. are literally studied by yidden of all walks of life. May his heilige zechus be magen on us, and may all yidden be gebentsched with a ksiva vchasima tova.



    i often think: “what would the Chofetz Chaim do in this situation?

    things like:

    would he eat standing up?

    would he cross over on someones grass or would he go out of his way to use the sidewalk?

    how would he feel if someone pushed him in their hurry to get somewhere?

    things like those, that it is somehow quite clear what he would do.

    or even a recent thread here with ugly arguing about whether a Yid could walk in the street holding hands with his wife: wheres the Halacha?, wheres the Mikor? who said?…

    can you picture the Chofetz Chaim walking in the street holding his wifes hand?

    truly a shining light to one who wants to be guided by it.


    Efrayim Lebowitz, one of the students from the Chofetz Chaim’s yeshivah in Radin, was accused of spying for Germany, and he was put on trial in Russia. His gentile lawyer asked the Chofetz Chaim to testify as a character witness for his client. The Chofetz Chaim agreed and traveled to the city of witbask, where the trial was taking place.

    After the Chofetz Chaim’s testimony, the lawyer wished to demonstrate his witness’ great piety to the judge, and so he told the following story:

    “Once, when the Chofetz Chaim was in Warsaw, he was approached by a man with a five ruble note in his hands, who claimed that he owed the Chofetz Chaim a ruble for a book he had once bought from him. The Chofetz Chaim refused the money, saying that he did not remember such a debt, and it would be better to approach his accountant, who might have a record of the debt. After receiving this reply, the man changed his tune, this time claiming that he wanted to give a ruble as a donation. The Chofetz Chaim said he did not accept presents, but if he so wished, he could donate the money to the yeshivah in Radin.

    The person agreed to do that, but when the Chofetz Chaim took out his wallet to give him change, he grabbed the wallet and ran away. The Chofetz Chaim began to run after him, shouting to him as he ran away that he could have the money and that he forgave him completely. Furthermore, he would not allow anyone to chase the thief.

    The judge interrupted the lawyer saying, “My dear advocate, do you really believe that story?”

    “I’m uncertain, Your Honor” answered the lawyer.

    The judge asked, “If that is the case, why did you bring it as proof in your argument?”

    The lawyer answered, “Your Honor, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this story, but I do know that no one is saying such stories about you or me!”

    (K’ztes Ha-Shemesh Bi-Gvuraso, p. 200)


    Who can honestly say that he has not been inspired by the Chafetz Chaim at some point or in some way Although most of you are too young to remember the Chofetz Chaim, I am so old, that I was around and still remember the Chofetz Chaim, and it was very inspirational to see the Chofetz Chaim in motion on this newly released video after the last time I physically saw the Chofetz Chaim in motion some 82 years ago when I was a very young child.


    why? where you in that video?

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