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    OMEN !


    Think Putin. Except Biden doesn’t have a Gulag to disappear people into. Throwing the head of the opposition into jail on trumped up charges (no pun intended) is something they do in places like Russia and China, not the United States. The Democrats may have had a usable issue by claiming Trump’s behavior on Jan. 6, 2021 was a threat to democracy – but Trump never tried to throw Biden in jail on political charges. Acting like a fascist will not convince anyone except your supporters that the opponent is a fascist, and winning elections in Americas involves getting the non-base in the middle.



    What does Biden have to do with a Trump who had excellent legal counsel and a jury of 12 individuals in NY?
    Answer. Nothing.
    He also has nothing to do with EJean Carrol, the lost fraud case, or with his Georgia, Florida and Washington DC cases coming up.
    Trump committed crimes and as the Senate leader who refused to impeach him said, we have a justice system in America where he can be tried and convicted.


    Donald Trump was not merely pro-Israel; he was the MOST pro-Israel USA President of all time.

    Donald Trump was not merely pro-Jewish; he was the MOST pro-Jewish USA President of all time.

    When Donald Trump was USA President, he was the ONLY President
    who ever had two Shomer-Shabbat Jews as his closest advisors.

    When Donald Trump was USA President, he cut-off funding to our
    Arab-Nazi enemies who want to commit genocide against ALL [100%] Jews.

    When Joe Biden became USA President, he restored funding
    to our Arab-Nazi enemies who want to commit genocide
    against ALL [100%] Jews, which resulted in the greatest
    anti-Jewish massacre since the Holocaust; on 2023 October 7,
    around 1,400 Jews were killed by Hamas, (including children)
    and around 240 Jews were taken captive (including children)
    and many of them were killed.

    Additionally, Hamas has killed Jewish civilians and
    hostages with unbelievable cruelty (including children).
    And that massacre was paid-for by President Joe Biden.

    For any Jew to rejoice over the downfall of Donald Trump
    is an INEXCUSABLE lack of gratitude.

    Yechiell, because you said “OMEN” to celebrate the downfall
    of the MOST pro-Israel and MOST pro-Jewish USA President
    of all time, I will say “OMEN” on the Yom HaDin,
    the Great Day of Judgment, when the Heavenly Court
    convicts you of 34,000 or 34,000,000 sins,
    and decrees that you should be thrown into Gehinom.

    Last but not least, using the courts to destroy political opponents
    was NEVER the American minhag — until now.

    The list of countries that use the courts to destroy political opponents
    includes: Nazi Germany, Communist Russian under Stalin, Communist China
    under Chairman Mao, Communist North Korea, and Communist Cuba.

    Even here in the USA, the people who have the greatest desire
    to use the courts to destroy Donald Trump are American Communists
    [who are now known as: Woke, Politically Correct, Progressives and Democrats].

    Now that this evil precedent has been established — using the courts
    to destroy political opponents — it may one day be used against
    people who you like, it may even be used against YOU!


    You can read my posts about him and it should be clear that I’m no Trump supporter. To put it mildly. This is still a major defeat or the US a whole. It’s descent into banana republic-dom is complete

    Or to put it in a liberal language. New York is Alabama 1955 and so is America


    Baruch Green of VIN News said:

    President Trump is now a convicted felon.

    He was found guilty by a biased jury, guided by a leftist judge
    who is a Biden donor, and prosecuted by a Soros-backed DA.

    Anyone who followed the trial knows that these charges were completely bogus.
    Fabricated. Manufactured. Made up from thin air.

    All Trump did was label the payments he made to a lawyer as “LEGAL EXPENSES”.

    There are no words to properly describe the level of travesty and corruption.

    SOURCE: article titled: “POLITICAL HOCK: This is a Dark Day for America”
    by Baruch Green 2024 May 31 www (dot) VIN News (dot) com


    #1 do I believe Trump is guilty of the NY charges? Yes
    Do I want him incarcerated? NO
    Ford did the right thing pardoning Nixon so the country could move forward.
    #2 you ascribe far to much power to Biden. He does not control the NY State Governor, the NY County DA or the judge. These are elected state positions, Biden has little influence in the state party.

    I am proud to live and practice law in a state that does not elect judges. These should not be political positions as subject to party influence and campaign donors


    CTL > Do I want him incarcerated? NO

    If Biden lost CTL, he lost the moderate wing of D party. He also lost all the Black “formerly incarcerated” vote. T may not have best legal council, but B does not have best political council.

    > you ascribe far to much power to Biden. He does not control

    WSJ editorial discusses this issue and mentions an April 2022 planted article in NYT that proclaimed Biden’s wants to the world, and any well-connected prosecutor will understand what it means.

    Quote: The attorney general’s deliberative approach has come to frustrate Democratic allies of the White House and, at times, President Biden himself. As recently as late last year, Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted, according to two people familiar with his comments. And while the president has never communicated his frustrations directly to Mr. Garland, he has said privately that he wanted Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of Jan. 6.



    To be completely transparent I agree that Trump is guilty. But I don’t get your title labelled “34 counts”. Morally this concept that from one minor sin a person can violate so many crimes just because you found some written law, is just absurd. I get that without each law what’s the sin. But the fact that you can twist 34 laws into one little crime is just a perversion of justice. At the end of the day it’s one count. Did he sin or not? And especially to punish him for each count? It seems so banana republic like.it’s one masa averio.

    I’ll also throw in another mockery of our wonderful justice system. We love to tout that hey he was convicted by a jury of his peers who were selected by both sides. But here is the thing, the judge still has all the leeway as to what the jury is allowed to listen to and what they must disregard. The judge can narrow it down so thin that the jury basically most convict because they just discard everything the defence said. (I am exaggerating but bringing out a point) If the judge is bias your case os doomed. A judge can indeed decide your fate. Our system isn’t moral and isn’t decided by a jury.


    The whole way the trial was conducted remined me of the posuk:

    וְע֥וֹד רָאִ֖יתִי תַּ֣חַת הַשָּׁ֑מֶשׁ מְק֤וֹם הַמִּשְׁפָּט֙ שָׁ֣מָּה הָרֶ֔שַׁע

    And that is assuming Trump IS in fact technically guilty


    On 2024 June 2, Mr. Elon Musk said this on Fox News:

    “If a former President can be criminally convicted
    over such a trivial matter — motivated by politics,
    rather than justice — then anyone is at risk of a similar fate.”


    square root:
    “the Great Day of Judgment, when the Heavenly Court
    convicts you of 34,000 or 34,000,000 sins,
    and decrees that you should be thrown into Gehinom.”
    Wishing a fellow Jew gehinom, because he doesn’t agree with your politics, makes you a persona-non-grata and you should be banned from this forum.
    Join the neo-nazi forums, they’ll gladly take you in, as they bash your head in.
    Feh !


    Any significance that 34 charges were summed up after 34 days of OMER? And the 34th day of omer itself was a MEMORIAL day in USA?


    I was quite specific about the NY DA, etc.
    You conflate this with a story about Merrick Garland who is a Federal official.
    Trump was tried and convicted on state charges.
    Biden is Garland’s boss


    @Chaim 87

    NOT my title, I am not the OP. I replied to a comment

    ☕️coffee addict


    Ask Sam Klein


    coffee > Ask Sam Klein
    exactly, I just did.


    CTL > I was quite specific about the NY DA, etc.
    > You conflate this with a story about Merrick Garland who is a Federal official.

    The story mentions a “leak” to NYT that explained what Biden wants. Anyone who is interested in a political promotion could now act accordingly.
    Just as a thought experiment, read the leaked article as it is a personally written by the President about what he expects from prosecutors. There is a good chance you will consider such an article inappropriate. How is it different when the article is intentionally leaked to the reporters?

    Sam Klein

    This entire Trump lawsuit is a complete corruption of the Democrats willing to do anything to lock Trump away so that they the corrupt Democrats don’t lose their power of running this country with their puppet Biden just reading off their written papers what he should speak at each presidential speech.

    Trump might have some guilty fraud charges in his account but as a business man that he is-and ran the Entire USA while he was president as a business which was a good thing and helped the USA work with negotiations with other countries etc…..-that is destined to happen but it’s not an excuse to put him behind bars in prison and if they try to let’s all be honest it will only strengthen his election race votes and people voting for him versus a corrupt dementia old Biden that current no hospital or nursing home can help him out. Only the Cemetery together with Misaskim services can help him and prevent the entire USA country from becoming a complete communist country that it’s heading towards with the Democrats trying to do everything corrupt.

    Most importantly we must remind ourselves that it is really Hashem who is really running this country and the entire world and all rulers of little towns to big countries are just ACTORS messengers for Hashem to run a country. And Hashem already decided who will win the American presidential election race for 2024. Hopefully with serious teshuva and Achdus together Hashem can send mashiach already bkarov and the American presidential election race for 2024 won’t make a difference for klal yisroel all being in Jerusalem with the Bais Hamikdosh

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