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    Baruch dayan haEmes- all verizon customers have been cut from 4info service over this Shabbos…may we know no more tzaros in klal yisroel.


    Does anyone know why 4info cut everyone who has verizon?


    what is 4info?


    from 4INFO’s website:

    Why am I no longer receiving text messages from 4INFO?

    If you have been getting messages from 4INFO but they’ve suddenly stopped, this is likely an issue with your wireless provider. First try sending us a message by creating a text with the word HELP and sending it to 44636. If you receive a reply message, your phone has now been reactivated to receive our messages. If you do not get a response message, please contact your carrier and inform them that you are no longer able to receive messages from 4INFO (44636). If you have recently ported your phone from one carrier to another, or if you have activated a new device with your existing carrier, it is possible that 4INFO alert subscriptions were disrupted. In this case, please sign in and reactivate your alerts.

    Important Announcement for Verizon customers: 4INFO is unable to support Verizon customers on short code 44636 at this time. Verizon customers are currently unable to receive messages from 4INFO on 44636. For a list of supported short codes, please see here. For more information, please contact your carrier. If you’d like to be notified when Verizon service is restored to 44636, please fill out the “Contact 4INFO Support” at the top right of this page, and put “Verizon notification” in the comment field.



    There is always GOOGL (46645)- send them a text. Good for most things.


    ChofetzChaim, I saw on a different post that you have a Mishnayos calulator in Excel. Can I get a copy?



    kinda off topic but just curious COKEBOYCOTT..care to explain your name?

    Please use the Screen Names thread for such questions


    Apparently Verizon blocked 4Info texts because of ads that came along with some texts. By responding to some of them, the user was hit with a charge, some of the recurring. Verizon was getting complaints and it was not for services they provided. I believe they want $Info to eliminate such ads or they will continue blocking the texts.


    Forwarded text from a Verizon customer: Welcome back! Your alerts & access to 44636 (4INFO) have been restored. […] Sorry for the interruption.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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