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    Why aren’t 5-Star Kosher restaurants a common thing?

    Do you think that non-Jewish people would flock to Kosher 5-Star restaurants if they had stellar reputations and delicious food?

    Amil Zola

    Le Raphael in Paris made the Michelin list in 2015, IRRC there is also a kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv that was hoping to get on The Michelin list, I’m unaware if they made it. The chef at Le Raphael already has two stars from other non Kosher venues. Certainly the MIchelin list isn’t a star but it’s a step on the road to getting one. Barnea Bistro in NYC was chasing a place on the Michelin list when it opened in 2018 I haven’t heard much about it since it’s opening.


    Don’t give it a heksher for about a year don’t let anyone know is kosher. Once they have clientele introduce frum clients who might scare of some fancy clients. Ha
    I think it would depend a lot on how they feel when they come in do they feel like a minority going into a frum establishment? Hats , white shirts only , tones of kids or more classy frum clients ..


    Aside from the inherent prejudice among many reviewers that will discount a restaurant’s quality if it advertises itself as “kosher” before even walking through the door, the economics of operating a really high quality restaurant with top of the line hashgacha can be challenging. Sadly, many yidden are simply not willing to pay the cost of the top of the line ingredients and culinary professionals needed to earn a Michelin star. If the restaurant can attract sufficient non-Jewish customers, than may be but often, they have to rely on a core yiddeshe clientele for their economic survival, at least for the first few years until the reputation grows outside the frum tzibur.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Sadly, many yidden are simply not willing to pay the cost of the top of the line ingredients and culinary

    That’s not sad.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “Sadly, many yidden are simply not willing to pay the cost of the top of the line ingredients and culinary”

    I agree with DY. Baruch Hashem yidden don’t drive up the prices of our food like we do with our housing.

    As for the OP, there are kosher places that try to be gourmet, especially in Manhattan and LA.


    Most people who keep kosher are pleased enough to find a respectable restaurant with waiters and table cloths. They wouldn’t be inclined to pay a premium for fancy cuisine, noting that this is a second premium beyond the premium for the restaurant being kosher.

    Amil Zola

    High end Kosher restaurants have rather limited menus when compared to high end non kosher restaurants and even those on the Michelin list. And some of their menu items wouldn’t attract a high end non kosher diner, popcorn chicken, and kosher sushi are two items I can think of immediately. Who pays $16 for popcorn chicken? Tuna poke in a good sushi joint can be had for well less than $24. There are lots of non kosher steak houses where you can get a prime aged steak for far less than $50. Why would that entice a non kosher diner to go to Abigaels or Reserve Cut?

    Amil Zola

    I just looked at the menu for Barnea Bistro. Their chef (more than likely executive) has a name but seriously there is nothing on the menu that could compare to a Michelin listed restaurant’s creativity. And there are probably several non kosher steakhouses that have $100+ pieces of meat on the menu. Are non Jews going to eat there simply because they can wear jeans? I’m sure there are pricey non kosher places that don’t require jacket and tie.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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