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    so my five year old needs a haircut. she wants a bob. I’m not giving it to her because it won’t suit her. Is this cruel?? I don’t want her looking like a boy. what’s the nicest way to explain to her, so that she will not go behind my back and cut it herself…I almost feel like getting her daycare teachers to bann scissors until she’s over this craze… At home I’ve already put the scissors out of her reach..


    LOL mine needs a haircut but she won’t let me


    When I first saw the name of this thread, my immediate thought was, “Wow, they waited five years to get a haircut???”




    “When I first saw the name of this thread, my immediate thought was, Wow, they waited five years to get a haircut???”

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    you should know some pple do that for boys … since they believe that gil chinuch is at 5, they just can’t part with thier kids hair and as a result their kids turn out like sissies…nebach


    give her a haircut and tell her this is the ‘new’ bob..of 2012.


    or just let her have the bob because it will make her very happy and get it out of her system. Not letting her have it will just make it stick in her mind and make it that much more of an issue. Hair grows and you can change the style in a few months if it really does not look nice. Right now she probably just wants what her friend has. I am sure it will not look as bad as you think.


    Hi more.

    Eh…at five? What harm would it do? They have their likes and dislikes, and soon phases pass.

    As they say, the difference between and good haircut and a bad haircut…is about two weeks.

    At least it’s not a son who wants a mohawk.


    More, mekol melamdi hiskalti. Thanks for the info.


    more- just give her the bob! they usually look cute and at 5 years old it wont her shidduch if she x look perfect for a few weeks. U never know, u might even like it!


    Know when to pick your battles.

    This absolutely ain’t one of them.

    Furthermore, if you take her to a hairdresser tomorrow, by Seder nite it will have grown back, but if you prolong this battle until Erev Pesach, there won’t be enough time for her hair to grow back for the Seder.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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