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    I heard a great mashal today:

    A guy saw an advertisement that an international company is looking for a manager to oversee the opening of a new branch of their business in Japan. He applied for the job. He got the job. Before he left for Japan the boss came over to him and said, in this envelope is many many signed checks for the business please use them to your discretion and keep them safe. He got to Japan, and he found a warehouse and he wrote out the first check. He said thats a valid business expense. Then he did the same with all the machines etc… He found a piece of ply wood in the building that he hung up in a side corner that said office and put a phone there and thats it. He was sleeping on a mattress that was in a closet during the day and he was living on cracker sand peanut butter from the grocery. Business was booming, trucks were loading and unloading merchandise by the loading docks by the hundreds a day.

    One day a machine broke and instead of paying the $50 to repair a $50,000 machine he sold it for scrap metal for a total $150. He was getting lazy up keeping. Then he decided its a business expense for me to buy a nice house and lease 3 of the newest model cars because i have to have a good image for the company. Then he said I need a real office for a good image for the company. He imported the most expensive Persian carpets, hand-made Italian furniture, and the best of the best equipment. Slowly more machines were breaking and instead of taking care of them he sold them for scrap metal. Then he said I need strength to be able to make rational decisions i need better food, and he hired a local restaurant to make him 3 meals a day. Then he said, the workers need a resting area and he built a lounge. Slowly more machines were breaking and being sold for scrap metal and the merchandise leaving the loading docks those days was 95% less than it was in the beginning. Then he built a gym for the workers, then a locker/changing room, then he said they need a pool to relax in etc… Then he built them a cafeteria so they can have good food to work better. He gave them a 15 minute break every hour to relax. The merchandise going out every 3 months was what used to go out in 3 hours.

    Then one day he gets a call, it’s the boss and he says i’m coming to visit in 7 days. The manager acts all excited and says were so excited, we can’t wait to see you etc…

    He quickly hires a crew and gets rid of the pool, gym, cafeteria, his fancy office, sold his house and got rid of his fancy cars etc…

    He ordered brand new machines, rehired workers and got production back to what it was.

    He knew that the boss got a copy of every check from the bank but he knew that if the boss comes and sees him back to work then he will know he regrets it, will let him keep his job and will not be as upset at him.


    We have a meeting with our boss in 7 days, lets shape up and get production back to 100% so the boss sees we regret when we lazied around and brought production down to 5% and then he won’t get as upset at us and will let us keep our job.


    whats our job? Our job is our life.

    Lets all bring production back up to 100% before the time for the boss’s meeting comes.

    May we all be written and sealed for a year full of BRACHA, HATZLOCHA, HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS, RUCHNIUS AND OF COURSE GASHMIUS, and have production this year at 100%

    am yisrael chai



    Thanks for this poignant mashal and for your brachos.


    Anyone who was inspired by this story, please comment!


    No one was inspired???!!!

    ha ha ha ha

    yeps that is amazing!!

    thanks for sharing ?


    Very Inspiring ty nisht

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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